Benefits of Aromatherapy – bringing back a sense of smell.


How aromatherapy can help with a loss of smell after COVID-19.

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How is your sense of smell?

Long term COVID-19 symptoms seem to be on the rise and one of the most common symptoms is a loss of taste and/or smell. Also known as anosmia. In this blog I will introduce you to how aromatherapy oils, used in smell training, can help regain a sense of smell.

Aromatherapy has been used for years to aid in the relief in a number of issues from nausea, anxiety, mental focus, sleep problems, to muscle cramps, aches and pains. They are increasingly being used by members of the public and following various clinical trials, by the medical profession. Included within recent research are the benefits of how essential oils can help to restore your sense of smell. An issue that is becoming increasingly common in the last year.

The science bit.

The olfactory system (how we smell) is part of a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain known as the limbic system. It controls emotions, behaviour and long-term memory. Our history of scents is stored in the limbic system, where they are related to various emotions. This is partially why certain smells can create responses both physically and emotionally. And makes the use of aromatherapy such a powerful and successful method for creating a sense of relaxation, calmness, sleep, mental focus or meditation. The other reason is the chemical constituents of essential oils and how they affect our minds and bodies.

How COVID affects a sense of smell

Losing your sense of smell during a cold is common. It normally returns within weeks and most people expect this. For some COVID patients long term symptoms are more of a problems. In some cases preventing a return to work and general life which become debilitating. Some studies show a loss of sense of smell can extend for up to 6 months. Not knowing why or having restricted options can be frustrating and scary causing some people to look at alternative therapies to give them a path to recovery. Initial figures are suggesting approx. 10% of patients in the US may never regain their sense of smell, with a potential to lead to a long-term disability. Some doctors have found smell training can help patients get their sense of smell back.

How Aromatherapy can help.

A study by Professor Thomas Hummel showed benefits of using short term exposure over a period of time. The process is a form of stimulating and training of the olfactory system by actively and consciously smelling four categorised scents. This is repeated for 2-3 minutes at a time and during regular intervals of the day. Over a period of time, identification and being able to smell these scents improves. Studies show using this method, after 12 weeks an improvement in their sense of smell. The essential oils, rose, eucalyptus, clove and lemon, were used to stimulate the sense of smell with the best results obtained from a period of 6 – 7 months.

Essential oils can be used in various ways. The most common methods of use for smell training is the smell kit or personal diffusers. Both are useful to use 2 – 3 minutes per day, whether to re-train your sense of smell or simply to enjoy the aromas and benefits of aromatherapy blends or single use oils.

Roller blends available at Revive All

Personal blend rollers and the smell training kit are readily available at Revive All. Click here to view. Personal blends made at Revive All are created by a qualified aromatherapist, using high quality oils to ensure all the health benefits are experienced. Following a consultation, bespoke blends can be made to suit your individual needs.

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