Meet Helen

The human body has always, and still does, fascinate me; the ways it adapts and heals, the different ways that we can use it, push it, care for it, the sometimes complex relationships we can have with our own bodies, the constantly shifting views of what makes the perfect body, the questioning of what is the perfect body and if it actually exists and the cultural and societal differences in holistic care for bodies of every type and every need. I know that, with the right care and support, we are all capable of achieving more than we expected – but I also know that it’s vital, body and mind, we recover and heal as part of that process, and that any progress requires nurture, care and time.

I try to nurture and care for my own body in a range of ways. I have never seen myself as a classic, natural sportsperson but in my youth, I did excel in a sport I loved. I competed nationally, fuelling that ability with my love for physical activity, natural energy and time in and with nature. I was raised in a family where we grew our own food, and have continued that close relationship with both nature and nurturing my own body into adulthood, sharing the experience with my own children. When an injury changed my plans for a sporting career I knew that proper, life long care for my body would help me to heal, and that led me into a passion for helping other bodies to not only heal, but to avoid injury through a combination of activity and nutrition.

I trained in the sports and leisure industry, working in private industry and community development with specialisms in disability, children’s play and school sport. I loved my work and the impact it had on people’s lives.

Following a vehicle accident, I realised it was just as important to know how to look after the mind and body in order to prevent and reduce the impact of injury and disease so I started my learning in holistic therapies. The birth of my first child reshaped the way I wanted to work. I knew that I didn’t simply want to help people to increase health through exercise, I also wanted to support the importance of full mind and body care – with rest, relaxation and healing as vital as the drive towards excellence and fitness.

This was when I launched Revive All, and fell in love with the experience of helping those who had pain or injury to heal, using my skills and knowledge to relax bodies and minds in a supportive and nurturing environment. I know that the body and mind are intrinsically related, and have spent many years further developing my own training and knowledge, and developing an approach which considers the lifestyle, experiences and pressures you face both physically and emotionally, all shaping treatments which have a lasting impact on your wellbeing.

I know that there is no one way to treat or support a person’s needs, and take pride in helping my clients to develop a healthier life experience, enhancing my treatments with recommendations which not only Revive your body and mind, but which enhance and embrace your essence for life.

I put a lot of thought and care into the space where I work, the sensory experience of your treatment, creating the perfect blend of essential oils and aromatherapy to support your needs, and in creating a safe space for you to leave any concerns behind and switch off, and maintaining a warm, professional and caring service. I put a lot of thought into your individual situation and how I can best help, and tailoring what I do to suit you, from treatment through to leaving with products and ideas to continue that relaxation and revival in your own home.

Recently I have accepted the role of area co-ordinator for the Federation of Holistic Therapists. This role ensures dissemination of information and support for therapists in the area while ensuring consistent standards are promoted.

The Clinic

I take huge pride in the beautiful sanctuary I have nurtured in the Revive All clinic. Based at The Stables, Knuston Home Farm, the clinic is easy to access from Rushden, Wellingborough, Irthlingborough, Earls Barton, Kettering, Corby, Northampton and East Northamptonshire.

Nestled into a peaceful, tucked away courtyard in a countryside setting, we benefit from free parking and stunning surroundings, and the sense of peace is palpable from the moment you arrive.

Once inside you will discover a peaceful, serene environment, designed specifically to cultivate a sensory experience which soothes, relaxes and revives your body and mind. The immaculate treatment room is spacious, warm and welcoming, and you can nestle into comfortable seating before and after your treatment, take your time, enjoy a warm drink and simply switch off, leaving all of your worries behind.


Level 3 in Swedish massage
Level 4 in advanced massage techniques
Level 3 in Aromatherapy
Level 3 in Reflexology
Level 3 in Indian Head Massage
Level 3 in Facials and Pedicures
Reiki l and II
Lava shell massage.
Level 3 Acupressure Massage
Level 3 in Sports Massage
Nutrition Therapy Diploma
Level 4 in Anatomy and Physiology

Essential Oils

Wellbeing Gifts

Revive All is located at

The Stables
Knuston Home Farm,
Knuston Road, Irchester,
NN29 7EX

Appointments are available on

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 9.30am – 4pm
Wednesday – home visits by appointment
Thursday – 9.30 – 8pm
Friday – 5.30 – 9pm
Saturday – 9am – 4pm
Sunday – Closed

Call for an appointment

07949 240350